In Search Of The Holy Posterior

Aug 24, 2017

Final Report


The summer has passed and a lot of things are done. Some of them were not outlined in the original GSoC proposal. There is still some work in progress that I did not manage to finish in time. This work is devoted to Structured Variational Inference that was impossible before. I found this very challenging and it took a lot of time to get the right direction and inspiration.

The road was quite long and I was developing new architecture for about 2 weeks. No single line of code was written there. When I finally got the idea and understanding of what exactly is needed it was hard to stop coding. That's how inspiration is important, any challenging problem can be solved. I have to thank my mentors who guided me through this journey. I'm planning to continue further contributions in PyMC3 Variational Inference and improve it even more.

Normalising Flows

By now I've finished 2 huge PRs (pymc3/#2306, pymc3/#2362) implementing Normalizing Flows. Now PyMC3 has state-of-the-art VI algorithms for both large and small models. You can see how it works in our documentation. The work that is done here:

  • new module created
  • refactored pm.variational to support Normalizing Flows
  • implemented the following flow families

    • Planar flow
    • Radial flow
    • Householder flow
    • Loc flow
    • Scale flow
  • created a way to combine flows in formulas

Structured Variational Inference

The second (pymc3/#2416) implements Structured Variational Inference not possible before. It is not ready for merge as it has to be reviewed a bit more and a lot of examples have to be rerun. That will take some more time for sure. It also allows to create arbitrary variational distributions in future for individual groups of variables. One of that ideas is Gubmel Softmax reparametrization that is an approach to relax discreteness and be able to backpropagate the underlying probabilities. It might suit extremely well for modern deep learning approaches. The scope of this PR is as following

  • [x] refactoring pm.variational
  • [x] rewrite all approximations as groups
  • [x] support local approximations everywhere
  • [ ] tests/debug
  • [ ] rerun notebooks

Other related work

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